Engel: Oakland QBs, RB situations

We're in a unique and uncomfortable time period as fantasy football players. The major free-agent push is over and the draft is still a few weeks away. Many questions still need to be answered, but we will simply have to exercise some patience. Here are some prominent and unresolved situations that are gnawing at fantasy leaguers, and the latest outlook in each instance.

The Oakland passing game: Randy Moss is still a Raider and new head coach Lane Kiffin seems open to working with Moss if the team can't trade him. Rumors about a trade to Green Bay have died down, and it's conceivable Moss could stay with Oakland because the Raiders might have trouble moving him. That could seal the deal for the first pick, with JaMarcus Russell being the choice with the first pick. Calvin Johnson might be the best player in the draft, but who will throw it to him if he's a Raider? Moss could still be dealt, but it's hard to envision Oakland passing on a quarterback when it's such an area of major need. Moss' value would obviously jump if he is traded into a better situation, but he could see a decent spike in production if he stays, thanks to Kiffin, and the Raiders bring in a solid veteran passer while Russell is groomed.

Where will Michael Turner end up? The San Diego Union-Tribune has reported the Chargers are in discussions with four teams for Turner's services. The Bills, Titans, Cowboys and Jets have all been rumored suitors. There have been reports that indicate Buffalo could be the strongest contender. The Bills now have a considerable need for such a running back, with Willis McGahee gone and the No. 12 spot in the first round being too late to grab Adrian Peterson and possibly too early to take Marshawn Lynch. Buffalo also might prefer a veteran runner and has upgraded its offensive line in an effort to further upgrade the running game. Tennessee would also be a good place for Turner to end up, where he and LenDale White could share carries, or Turner could win the job outright. Turner would instantly become a top-15 fantasy running back with Buffalo or top 20 with Tennessee. The Cowboys have no clear need at the position, and the Jets have already acquired Thomas Jones, making a Turner acquisition seem unlikely.