Offseason Notebook: David Carr goes to Carolina

Publicly, the Panthers are maintaining that the signing of David Carr isn't really a major move. Team officials insist that Jake Delhomme remains the team's unquestioned starting quarterback. Panthers General Manager Marty Hurney told The Rock Hill Herald that Carr is coming into Carolina fully prepared to be a backup quarterback in 2007.

"He understands Jake's our starting quarterback," Hurney said. "David knew we were looking for a backup behind Jake. Jake's track record speaks for itself."

Carr is certainly a much better No. 2 option than Chris Weinke, last year's backup, and Delhomme has already taken the Panthers to a Super Bowl and the NFC Championship Game. He threw 53 touchdown passes combined in 2004 and 2005 while Carr was getting regularly sacked and frustrated in Houston. Yet there is already speculation that Carr could truly threaten Delhomme's starting status sometime soon.