Engel: Which receivers of this draft class will impress?

Here are ESPN.com's pre-NFL draft rankings of the top rookie wide receivers from a fantasy perspective. Ratings by position and overall player rankings will be revised after this weekend's draft.

1. Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech: There's a good chance he might not last past the second pick in the draft, as Johnson has already been praised as the most complete player in the draft, the next coming of Terrell Owens or Randy Moss without the personality issues. The only concern for fantasy leaguers will be where he lands and how soon he can contribute as a starter. If the Raiders take him and don't significantly upgrade at quarterback, meaning acquiring someone better than say, Josh McCown, Johnson could be adversely affected and might not be very reliable in his first pro season. If he lands in Tampa Bay, however, Johnson could work with Chris Simms or Jeff Garcia and would make an instantly effective complement for Joey Galloway. In the right environment he can be worthy of being picked as a third fantasy receiver with upside in 2007.

2. Ted Ginn Jr., Ohio State: His appeal has dropped after Ginn didn't look so good in recent workouts, and concerns about a foot injury from the national championship game continue to linger. Some experts claim he is overrated while acknowledging his outstanding return skills. Ginn has great speed and is definitely one of the top deep receivers in this year's draft class. There are questions about his size, route-running and toughness, however, and even though Ginn will likely still be a first-rounder and maybe the second receiver selected overall, fantasy owners shouldn't expect him to be a major impact player in his rookie year.