Engel: Veterans affected by the draft

There certainly can be far-reaching effects of the results of the NFL draft this weekend, as many veteran players could see a change in responsibilities and roles. Much of that will depend on who is picked by what team, and many of those scenarios can be more closely examined after the draft, especially when you consider players that won't be drafted early in the first round. We already do have some possible ideas of where some top rookies might be selected. Similarly, we have an idea of which veterans could be affected. Here's an early, fantasy-style look at some current pros whose roles could change based on their teams' draft picks this weekend.

Running backs

Jamal Lewis: He signed a one-year deal with the Browns, and he could end up sharing carries with Adrian Peterson, which would make him nothing more than a viable flex player in fantasy leagues. If the Browns do pass on Peterson and take a quarterback, Lewis, who could play with something to prove in 2007, would likely be a decent No. 2 fantasy running back.