Engel's Mailbag: Draft Analysis, Keeper Advice

Evan, Oshkosh, Wis.: The Steelers did not pick a power running back in the draft. Does that speak more about Willie Parker or Najeh Davenport? Davenport didn't steal goal-line carries last year so I would assume that Parker can get double-digit touchdowns again this year.

Engel: The Steelers may still find a physical complement for Parker, even if it's not this year, because they likely want to be careful and not overwork him. For now, though, it doesn't appear Parker's role will change too much, as Davenport won't be much of a threat to his playing time. The decision not to draft a running back is not an endorsement of Davenport, who figures to only get a few touches per game. The goal-line carries will still go to Parker, but if Ben Roethlisberger stays healthy, he could throw and run more in the red zone this season. Parker's touchdown numbers could drop a bit, but not because of Davenport, who has never truly seized any opportunities to earn more playing time. If Parker doesn't score as often, it will be because the Steelers will have more offensive balance, and even then, he will still produce numbers worthy of a first-round fantasy draft choice.

John, San Francisco: I'm in a dynasty league and have a good starting unit and the second pick in the rookie draft. If I'm looking down the road, in what order would you rank Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch and Calvin Johnson based on where they will be in two to three years?