Engel: Top 50 Keepers

Here is my updated, post-NFL draft listing of the top 50 keepers for the 2007 season. This can serve as a handy guide for making decisions in existing keeper leagues or for those drafting for the first time. Rankings are based on standard ESPN.com scoring for 2007 and take into account long-term keeper value and player impact for the upcoming season.

1. LaDainian Tomlinson: Has never been a major concern to break down from overwork, and he's going to turn 28 this year, so age isn't an issue yet, either.
2. Steven Jackson: He's the versatile focal point of the St. Louis offense, and has many fine seasons ahead of him.
3. Larry Johnson: Still a great pick, but there will be a rough period if and when Brodie Croyle takes over at quarterback in the next two seasons or so.
4. Peyton Manning: He will continue to be unmatched for annually outstanding production on an annual basis, and he's one of the safest picks in any format.
5. Frank Gore: His run of impressive seasons is just beginning, as he turns 24 this year and will anchor your fantasy squad for several seasons.
6. Reggie Bush: He's going to explode in a major way in 2007 and will become the ultimate combination of versatility and big-play ability over the next few seasons.
7. Joseph Addai: The starting job is now clearly his for the taking, and Addai will establish himself as a quality No. 1 fantasy running back in 2007.
8. Brian Westbrook: Should remain one of the best running backs in fantasy football for all-around production for another three to four years.
9. Rudi Johnson: An outstanding goal-line finisher for a great offense and a tough guy who is ultrareliable, Johnson still has another two to three high-quality fantasy seasons left in him.
10 Willis McGahee: He is going to come through with the best seasons of his career over the next few years. The move to Baltimore is going to give his value a serious boost again.
11 Shaun Alexander: His foot is an issue again, and if there is more bad news soon, he's going to drop further. Stay tuned.
12 Travis Henry: Watch him produce outstanding numbers over the next two seasons as he serves as the crux of the Denver offense. Fumbling problems are no longer an issue.
13. Willie Parker: For now, he is still a fantasy superstar, but if the Steelers acquire a player who can steal goal-line carries over the next two years, he will drop on this list.
14. Ronnie Brown: Once the Dolphins settle their quarterback problems, I'll have to bump him up a few slots.
15. Steve Smith: Hope he avoids injuries, because he's the best at his position when he is healthy.
16. Chad Johnson: We still may not have seen his best season yet, and that's a great thought for his current owners.
17. Reggie Wayne: Once Marvin Harrison finally is done, Anthony Gonzalez should emerge as a fine complement, assuring Wayne of more eventual success as a No. 1 receiver for Peyton Manning.
18. Larry Fitzgerald: In 2007, Fitzgerald will firmly establish himself as one of the elite wide receivers in fantasy football.
19. Carson Palmer: He is clearly the second-best quarterback in fantasy football behind Peyton Manning, and that is not going to change anytime soon.
20. Torry Holt: Has at least three more high-quality fantasy seasons left, and he'll get open more often this year with an improved supporting cast.
21. Terrell Owens: The Cowboys will put up with his attitude, and you will continue to get outstanding numbers from Owens.
22. Maurice Jones-Drew: He will be a trusted source for touchdowns and quality yardage totals for a long time, even while sharing touches in Jacksonville.
23. Antonio Gates: No one comes close to him at the weakest position in fantasy football.
24. Deuce McAllister: Should be a terrific source of good yardage and a healthy amount of touchdowns for at least another two seasons.
25. Lee Evans: He'll be a superstar soon, and you can expect to see him even higher on this list next season.
26. Marques Colston: He is the clear No. 1 receiver on one of the best offenses in the NFL, and will prove last season was no fluke.
27. Cedric Benson: In a pivotal season for him, Benson will prove he can be a good fantasy starter with more reps as a featured back.
28. Laurence Maroney: He'll show some flashes of major promise this season, and will be more dependable by 2008.
29. Roy Williams: The addition of Calvin Johnson means fewer double-teams and his best seasons are ahead.
30. Marshawn Lynch: Will quickly become a solid fantasy starter and his versatility makes him a great prospect.
31. Randy Moss
32. Anquan Boldin
33. Marvin Harrison
34. Tom Brady
35. Drew Brees
36. Thomas Jones
37. Calvin Johnson
38. Marion Barber III
39. Javon Walker
40. T.J. Houshmandzadeh
41. Adrian Peterson
42. Edgerrin James
43. Brandon Jacobs
44. Donovan McNabb
45. Donald Driver
46. Plaxico Burress
47. Clinton Portis
48. DeAngelo Williams
49. Andre Johnson
50. Vince Young