Notebook: Alexander and other Seattle news

The Madden jinx might not play havoc with the outlook of Vince Young this season. That's because the "curse" seems to be working overtime on last season's cover guy. The Associated Press has reported that Shaun Alexander may still have a broken left foot, even though the Seahawks' star running back doesn't want to know the full details of his status right now.

Alexander missed six games because of the injury last year, but it looked like he was on his way to regaining his past form when he returned. Alexander rushed for more than 200 yards in his second game back and accumulated five rushing touchdowns in December. He ran for 232 yards in his final two regular-season games and rushed for 108 yards and two scores in a playoff loss to Chicago. Alexander was finally cleared to play when doctors thought there was only a remote chance of completely breaking through a crack in the fourth metatarsal, according to the AP. X-rays after the Bears game, however, revealed there was still a crack in Alexander's foot, and it may still exist, although he doesn't want it confirmed yet.

"I don't even want to get another X-ray until after this camp," Alexander said of the Seahawks' minicamp that ends on Thursday. "I think everyone was shocked when we X-rayed it after the Bears game and it was still cracked."