Preseason Notebook: Falcon Frustrations

Now that it is apparent Michael Vick won't be playing for the Falcons anytime soon, the team still has to move forward and prepare for the upcoming season. Vick has already been ordered to stay away from training camp. He could miss at least four games in 2007, and his season and career with the Falcons also appears to be in jeopardy. While the situation continues to play out, the team now turns to Joey Harrington to run its offense.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the Falcons are ready to rework their offense to fit Harrington's drop-back style. There will be more classic three-, five- and seven-step drops from the quarterback. You will also see less rollouts and bootlegs.

"It will be different, no question about that," head coach Bobby Petrino said. "He's been through a lot of hard times. He's been hit a lot. (But) he's hung in there." Petrino said Harrington was very quick to pick up the offense in recent organized team activities.