CB Corner: Explaining Austin's big day

The primary focus of the Cornerback Corner series can be boiled down to an old Tony Dungy quote -- 85 percent of NFL games are lost rather than won. From a personnel perspective, that means there are players who simply aren't good enough to play in the NFL and when they find their way onto the field, it can mean a big day for an opposing player.

That same philosophy can be applied to fantasy roster management. For example, the focus of most fantasy owners after Miles Austin's 37-point performance against the Chiefs this past Sunday was to put him on their waiver-wire pickup list.

Here in the Cornerback Corner, the approach to analyzing Austin's scoring binge is to ask a simple question -- was it caused more by Austin's talent or by the lack of coverage skill of his opponent?

The answer to this question leads us into this week's slate of Start, Acquire and Stash. Those joining us for the first time this week may also want to refer to last week's edition for a longer look at what goes on in this space.

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