CB Corner: Chiefs' loss is your gain

The Cornerback Corner series typically revolves exclusively around cornerbacks, but this week's picks include a set of wideout acquisitions whose value is increased because of an injury to an AFC West free safety.

Struggling free safety: Whoever starts for the Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs placed starting free safety Jarrad Page on injured reserve Tuesday, and that leaves Kansas City very weak at that position. The primary backup is Jon McGraw, but he won't help much because (a) he's injured and (b) he has a long history of allowing double-digit yards-per-attempt totals in both direct coverage (i.e. when he is one-on-one with a receiver) and deep assist coverage (i.e. when he is helping another player with coverage over the top). If McGraw can't go, the Chiefs will be forced to use either backup strong safety DaJuan Morgan or backup cornerback Maurice Leggett in the free safety spot.

Nothing will cause an opposing offense to test a defense with vertical passes like a weakness at free safety, so Page's injury should mean upside for Torry Holt (available in 38.4 percent of ESPN leagues) in Week 9. Holt isn't the downfield threat he used to be in his prime, but he is still solid at running medium depth routes from 11 to 19 yards, and that makes him a worthy waiver flex pickup.