Scout Team: The backup QB myth

All hope is lost, Larry Fitzgerald owners. Built your team around Roddy White? Better buy some bleach to cover the stink of your rotting playoff chances. Two weeks ago, each guy was a certifiable No. 1 receiver. Now, with their starting QB felled by injuries, they are Derrick Mason. Frickety-frick.

Well, that's the Cormac McCarthy version of things. Question is, is it true -- when a top receiver all of a sudden has to play catch with the backup QB, does it lead to the apocalypse? Logically it makes sense, and you need look no further than Fitzgerald's dreary game last week (34 yards, zero touchdowns -- thanks Matt Leinart) for a chilling example. Then again, as we've been preaching the past few weeks, it's all too easy to fall prey to the availability bias -- assuming an easily recalled example is representative of a real trend. Could this be one of those cases?