Pass Plays: WRs to go the distance

Fantasy owners who have leagues that play up to and including Week 17 are the fantasy world's equivalent of Herm Edwards -- they believe in the saying, "You play to win the game!" Using Week 17 as the end point may cause a few headaches, but to those of us who ascribe to this theory (and all of my ESPN.com chat leagues go the full 17), the purity of going all-out is worth the pain of seeing some of your best players sit out the last contest.

That pain can be offset with good pickups, but Week 17 pickups have to be approached a bit differently than waiver picks from earlier in the season. You want to go for players who are on teams that have something to play for, be it a postseason spot or merely to impress their future bosses. That's the mindset that this week's Pass Plays waiver suggestions will follow:

Mike Wallace, Pittsburgh, available in 79.4 percent of ESPN leagues

Wallace was listed as a long-shot Pass Plays candidate last week, but he makes the jump to the top of the list this week because of a matchup against the Dolphins' secondary. To give an idea of just how bad the Fins are in pass coverage, consider that their 8.2 yards-per-pass-attempt-allowed total is worse than the Lions'. Given how the Steelers' secondary has played of late, it is very likely this contest will turn into an aerial battle. If that happens, Wallace's reception and yardage totals should both take a big leap forward.