FBO: Week 8 fantasy matchups

Though it may be hard to believe, now might be the time to make a bold move with Darren McFadden. Kirby Lee/US Presswire

Last week, we insisted that you go out and acquire members of the Kansas City Chiefs. Their schedule simply dictated it. They promptly scored 35 points (plus a defensive touchdown for 42) against the Jacksonville Jaguars. If you followed our advice, you had a good week. Heck, just playing a lineup full of Chiefs would have scored you 92 points last week.

This time out, we decided to find an offense at the other end of the spectrum, one whose players you should avoid because of a difficult impending schedule. There's no one with a schedule that's as bad as the Chiefs' slate is good, unfortunately, so this isn't as much of a cut-and-dry solution. But if there's one team whose players you should consider selling high, it's the one that nearly put up 60 points last week: the Oakland Raiders.