FBO: Week 9 fantasy matchups

With Matthew Stafford back and a relatively favorable schedule, the Lions could be fantasy gold. Leon Halip/Getty Images

You're 5-3. You're 4-4. You're 3-5. Heck, maybe you're even 2-6. You're aiming for a shot to be in your fantasy football playoffs, but your path is far from secure. You'll need to go 4-1 or 5-0 over the next five weeks to get a ticket to the dance in Week 14. Most of your bye weeks are done, but it's time to make a move and acquire somebody who will put you over the top on your run to the playoffs.

Fortunately, you're an ESPN Insider, so we're going to help you out. We've looked through the schedules for each team in the league from Weeks 10-14 (assuming you won't be able to finish a deal by Week 9) and found those teams with the best and worst fantasy matchups over the time frame. Using our advanced statistics at Football Outsiders, we'll help fill you in on the players you'll want to target before your fellow owners realize they're primed for big games. Of course, we'll also note those players who are likely to underperform over the next few weeks.