Pass Plays: Week 13 waiver pickups

Blair White has filled in quite nicely for the injured Austin Collie in the Colts' offense. Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Attrition is often seen as the bane of a fantasy football owner's existence, but once the calendar rolls around to Thanksgiving, it can actually be a reason for hope. The dominant teams that have rolled over leagues can quickly be brought back to earth when the wear and tear of the season finally catches up to some of their star players.

For proof, consider a Twitter post from Adam Schefter from this past weekend: "Fantasy madness: CJ2K, Philip Rivers and TB's Mike Williams combined to get me as many points Sunday as Blair White (9), and I lost by 4."

That kind of craziness happened in many leagues, as there were numerous stars who didn't pull their fantasy point weight in Week 12. DeSean Jackson (2), Darren McFadden (6), Roddy White (4), Terrell Owens (1), Dez Bryant (0) and Larry Fitzgerald (3) all contributed very little to the fantasy bottom line.

These types of performances mean teams that have scratched and clawed their way to playoff contention can close the gap quickly during the postseason run. All it takes is finding players who aren't likely to be hamstrung by the attrition bug, so this week's Pass Plays will feature players who fit that bill.