FBO Matchups: Quest for Billy Volek

Chad Henne could be your ticket to a fantasy championship this season. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

With the trade deadlines of most fantasy leagues fading into the distance, it's going to be difficult to identify and acquire talent heading into the playoffs without pulling some sort of shenanigans. In most years, though, there is a player or two who comes out of nowhere to pull huge numbers in the fantasy playoffs, winning the championship for a fantasy owner who casually added him onto the roster just before the playoffs.

Last year, the clear breakout player was Chicago Bears wideout Devin Aromashodu. With all of two catches before the beginning of the traditional fantasy playoffs in Week 14, Aromashodu promptly put up 76 yards and a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers, and after a one-point game against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 15, he had 150 receiving yards and a touchdown against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 16. The patron saints for this sort of opportunity, of course, was the combination of Billy Volek and Drew Bennett. It's a fantasy legend at this point: After a year of decent fill-in work from Volek, the two combined for two consecutive weeks of historic statistics. Volek finished with 918 yards passing and nine touchdowns (one rushing) over the two-game stretch, while Bennett came out of the slot to catch 25 passes for an incredible 393 yards and five touchdowns.

So who will be this year's Aromashodu, Volek or Bennett? We've looked through the matchups over the next few weeks and identified a fantasy lineup of players to target on the waiver wire: