FBO Matchups: Look to Kerry Collins

Kerry Collins could put you over the top in the fantasy playoffs. Greg McWilliams/Icon SMI

Amazingly, there are some players out there on the waiver wire who could make the difference in your playoff games this week. While folks with particularly stacked starting lineups may not be willing to make a move for some of them, there is a particular subset of teams that could find a waiver pickup to be a very viable option: teams down by a lot in the second week of a two-week playoff matchup. If you need to overcome a 30- or 40-point deficit to win this week, you're virtually forced to go for high-risk, high-reward matchups and hope for the best. A solid guy like Matt Ryan or Hines Ward may be likelier to get you eight points than a lottery ticket like Anthony Armstrong, but the only way you can make up a huge deficit is by going for the highest score possible.

So if you're in such a situation this week, give some thought to players on the following list who might otherwise seem undesirable.