Pass Plays: Week 16 waiver pickups

With a favorable matchup this week, Tim Tebow could be your fantasy savior. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

A lot of fantasy teams that make it to this point of the fantasy playoffs have rosters filled with dominant players across the board. When that is the case, the only impediment between that owner and a fantasy championship is facing an opponent of similar caliber.

The problem for some fantasy owners is they will be facing that dominant team in the championship round with a team that is not quite as powerful. In that instance, the way to win is either to hope for big performances from the current roster or to try to find waiver alternates with really favorable matchups that, if things work out right, can provide the kind of high-end upside needed to pull off the upset.

This week's Pass Plays assumes owners in the former boat won't be looking at waiver picks and therefore will focus solely on providing options for owners in the latter situation. It aims to identify quarterbacks who have a good chance of posting 17 or more points, wide receivers with a good chance of posting 10 or more points (or 15 in a point-per-reception league) and tight ends with a shot at tallying eight or more points (a total which, believe it or not, would place a player in the top four in points at that position if it were prorated over the course of the season).