Pass Plays: Week 17 waiver pickups

Hester has become a legitimate vertical threat in the past few weeks. Mike DiNovo/US Presswire

In making personnel decisions for a fantasy team still playing in Week 17, a fantasy owner has to consider the two-week notice effect.

The two-week notice effect happens when an employee turns in his resignation but stays on board for 14 more days to give the company time to find his replacement. In a perfect world, his effort level would be the same as it was prior to handing in the note, but anyone who has seen this happen can tell you that most of the time that isn't the case. The worker simply doesn't try quite as hard as he did before and his work suffers because of it.

NFL teams are not exempt from this effect, so the best fantasy approach in the last week of the season is to aim for players who aren't likely to be suffering from this malady. That means sticking with roster selections from contending teams or with those players who have shown they aren't going to mail it in. This week's Pass Plays has some waiver prospects in mind along these lines.