Most underrated fantasy QBs

Eli Manning could provide great value in the fifth or sixth round. AP Photo/Mike McCarn

Picking running backs and wide receivers for the "blackjack" fantasy draft series (covering those players who are worth taking a gamble on a round early) was a challenging proposition, but the relatively wide variations of perceived player value at those positions assisted in unearthing high-value candidates.

That isn't the quite the case with quarterbacks, because their perceived values do not have anywhere near the variations that those other positions have.

This reduces the field of potential undervalued players, but after a deep metric and matchup review, there are still six quarterbacks who fit the bill of a blackjack candidate.

Eli Manning

There are a myriad of fantasy positives in Manning's game. He was one of only five quarterbacks to throw for either 4,000 yards or 30 touchdown passes last year. His 557 pass attempts (if penalty plays are included) were more than all but six other passers.