Pass Plays: McCluster's time

Dexter McCluster's role in the Kansas City backfield will expand dramatically. AP Photo/Rick Osentoski

It has been said that one of the traits that separates great football coaches from their brethren is the ability to adapt quickly when the game plan isn't working.

A similar thing can be said about fantasy football owners. Everyone prepares like crazy for the draft, but the best owners are those who can take a team with injuries and/or disappointing performances from top players and find a way to turn that club back into a contender.

This NFL season is giving many fantasy owners the opportunity to showcase those skills very early, and this week's Pass Plays aims to help them with many personnel acquisition suggestions.

Pass Plays

Rex Grossman (available in 83.3 percent of ESPN leagues)

Most fantasy owners shy away from Grossman because of his reputation for making far too many risky throws, but concentrating on that trait can prevent one from seeing an even more important trait -- Grossman's success on vertical passes (vertical being defined as a pass thrown 11 or more yards downfield).