Pass Plays: Give up on CJ2K

Chris Johnson has had a start to the season that he'd like to forget. Don McPeak/US Presswire

At first glance, the waiver wire and trade channels might seem bereft of quality fantasy acquisition opportunities because the best options have been identified over the past few weeks and are already claimed.

The truth of the matter is that there are still multiple high-value options available, including two who will be very sought after waiver selections for those Antonio Gates fantasy owners who are concerned that his foot injury could hinder his productivity for the rest of the season.

Pass Plays

Scott Chandler (available in 50.8 percent of ESPN leagues)

Being one of the primary red zone receiving options on the highest-scoring team in the NFL should be more than enough reason for owners to put a claim in for Chandler, but his value is actually greater than just a guy used in obvious scoring situations.

Six of his 11 targets this year have occurred on plays where he was lined up as a wide receiver. He is also 4-for-4 for 59 yards and a touchdown on medium-depth passes (defined as aerials thrown 11-19 yards downfield).