Pass Plays: Grab Matt Hasselbeck

Matt Hasselbeck has helped lead the Titans to a 3-1 start this season. Don McPeak/US Presswire

All fantasy football owners try to build a team that can survive the battle of attrition that is a fantasy football season, but usually by this time of year virtually every team is starting to feel the impact brought on by the hated quartet of injuries, brutal matchups, underperforming players and bye weeks.

When this happens, survival of the fittest sometimes requires finding ways to reload with players from teams one would not normally associate with fantasy improvement. While that might mean slim pickings in some seasons, this year there are more than a few quality prospects available to improve a team.

Pass Plays

Matt Hasselbeck (available in 72.4 percent of ESPN leagues)

It's understandable why many fantasy owners are bypassing Hasselbeck. After all, he is an aging quarterback with a bad offensive line and he recently lost his best wide receiver (Kenny Britt) to a season-ending injury.

True as those statements are, it should be noted that Tennessee has a 133-to-94 pass-to-run ratio this season.

One reason the Titans are willing to lean so much on their passing game is that Hasselbeck has had ample success on vertical passes (aerials thrown 11 or more yards downfield). His 336 yards on 20 vertical attempts equates to a 16.8 vertical YPA. For perspective, consider that a mark of 10 yards or higher in this metric is good and anything over 12 yards is considered elite.