Pass Plays: Trade for Brandon Lloyd

Brandon Lloyd should be the deep threat that the St. Louis Rams need. Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Steve Jobs was brilliant in myriad ways, in part because he was receptive to good advice wherever it came from.

This included the world of sports. Jobs was fond of a Wayne Gretzky quote: "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been." He wanted to go where things would be in the future, not where they were right now.

Fantasy football owners can learn from this mindset in their approach to waiver acquisitions. Most owners tend to think only of the upcoming week and don't plan their roster for where it might need to be down the road. This lack of foresight means that those fantasy owners who do take the forward-thinking approach can often stockpile a roster with high-upside picks. This week's Pass Plays will aim to help those forward-thinking owners with a variety of player options.

Pass Plays

The best opportunities along those lines will occur quite often for teams that are facing the St. Louis Rams.

The Rams' secondary is in horrible shape, in large part because their top three cornerbacks are out for the season because of injuries. It's part of why this defense has allowed the sixth-highest fantasy points per game total to opposing quarterbacks (18.2), and ranks dead last in points per game allowed against wide receivers (28.4).

Replacing that level of cornerback talent in the middle of an NFL season is next to impossible to do, so St. Louis did the next best thing and acquired the most prolific vertical pass receiver of the 2010 season, Brandon Lloyd.