Pass Plays: Trade Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson's productivity has declined the past few weeks for the Buffalo Bills. Andrew Weber/US Presswire

Many NFL personnel directors have said that the most important decisions they make for their teams are who makes the final cuts on the roster. Those last players may seem like afterthoughts, but they can often make the difference in stockpiling quality depth on a ballclub.

The same rule applies in fantasy football, but judging by the ownership numbers of some players, a lot of fantasy football owners are not paying enough attention to their roster depth. Joseph Addai, Dustin Keller, Johnny Knox, Marcedes Lewis, Mike Thomas, Hines Ward, Reggie Wayne and Mike Williams (Tampa Bay version) have all done very little of late to justify a fantasy football roster spot, yet each one is owned in at least 55 percent of ESPN leagues.

It could be that those owners may not be aware of some of the higher-percentage players that are out there, so this week's Pass Plays will aim to assist in that endeavor.

Pass Plays

Antonio Brown (available in 76.3 percent of ESPN leagues)
At first glance, Brown might not seem like the best waiver pickup, since he has scored only 46 fantasy points on 63 targets, the second-lowest point total of any wide receiver with at least 60 targets.

Concentrating on that number, though, misses the points and looks past how Brown is now filling the important role of medium pass specialist for the Steelers (medium being aerials thrown 11-19 yards downfield).