Pass Plays: Where to sell high

DeSean Jackson faces easy cornerbacks in upcoming weeks, so his fantasy production should rise. Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Last Sunday, the Oakland Raiders did what every fantasy football owner wants to do with his or her team -- get a player in midseason who makes a huge difference in the fortunes of the club.

That performance (332 passing yards, three touchdowns, 19 fantasy points) will make Carson Palmer (available in 75.7 percent of ESPN leagues) a popular waiver-wire pickup this week, but he isn't the only waiver prospect with significant fantasy season stretch-run point potential.

Pass Plays

Some other candidates along this line include:

Jerome Simpson (available in 68.1 percent of ESPN leagues)
Antonio Brown (available in 65.8 percent of ESPN leagues)

These two have both performed well of late (27 and 32 points, respectively, over their past three games) in large part because they are dominant on medium-depth pass routes (those thrown 11-19 yards downfield).

To get an idea of just how good these two are on these route types, consider that Simpson tops rookie of the year candidate A.J. Green in medium route targets (19 for Simpson, 16 for Green) and yards gained (233 for Simpson, 188 for Green).