Pass Plays: Key playoff acquisitions

Who would have thought that Toby Gerhart could help a fantasy team to a title this season? Greg Smith/US Presswire

In the classic book "No Medals For Trying," Bill Parcells tells his Giants team that he is "tired of hearing about the Eagles [their upcoming opponent] because they had never beaten anyone or done anything of any significance. All they did is win one division and lost the first playoff game."

That kind of mentality can be harsh, but it is the type of mindset that fantasy owners should adopt this time of year. Making the playoffs is an achievement that deserves kudos, but getting this far isn't enough -- the real goal is to win championships, and the best way to do that is to continually look to upgrade your team.

Some potential upgrades available on this week's waiver wire include:

Pass Plays

Toby Gerhart (available in 67.7 percent of ESPN leagues)

There are conflicting reports on the health status of Adrian "All Day" Peterson. He may be able to return to the lineup, but there are also thoughts that the Vikings could just decide to play it safe and shut his season down.

In either event, Gerhart has value because he has proven to be a very productive option in Peterson's absence (24 fantasy points in two games) for a couple of reasons.