Pass Plays: Playoff targets

Felix Jones is a viable alternative this week in the fantasy playoffs. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Over the course of the year, I answer hundreds of fantasy football related questions in my weekly ESPN.com SportsNation fantasy football chats and on Twitter.

Early in the season, the discussion topics in those questions tend to be quite varied, but as the fantasy football campaign comes to a close, the inquiries tend to be concentrated more toward whether or not certain hot/cold players can be counted on as start options during the playoffs.

To respond to that trend, this week's Pass Plays articles will take a closer look at three of those hot/cold players in addition to passing along some Week 15 waiver wire advice.

Pass Plays

Antonio Brown (available in 40.3 percent of ESPN leagues)

Remember that scene in the movie "Die Hard" when John McClane (Bruce Willis) is trying to do anything he can to get the police officer in the car to respond and nothing seems to be working?

That is what pitching Brown to the fantasy football world seems like at times. He has scored 81 points in his last seven games and his lowest single-game point total in that time is eight points. He's beaten strong secondaries (Baltimore) and even racked up a 79-yard touchdown against Cleveland star cornerback Joe Haden.