Staying Alive: Eliminator best bets

Drew Brees and the Saints can carry you through Week 1. Chuck Cook/US Presswire

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Remember when you couldn't use the phone at the same time you were connecting to AOL? Then broadband Internet access came along and made everything better. We at numberFire are going to be the cable modem to your dial-up for Eliminator pools . Using forward-based modeling and Wall Street-style management, we'll tell you whom to pick each week (and for the rest of the season) as well as whom to stay away from.

To help you visualize, we've developed an Eliminator Pool threat matrix that shows you how each team projects each week based on our model. It will be updated each week as results come in over the course of the season.

The path to victory

The following chart illustrates the best bets, in terms of win probability, each week for Eliminator pools: