How Buffalo is splitting carries

Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller are now both healthy. How will Buffalo split their carries? Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Another week of football is in the books. Before we kick everything off again Thursday night, we have a chance to look a little deeper at the snap data.

As you know, the league now makes limited snap data available to everyone in for every game, but only Pro Football Focus can take you far deeper into those numbers and tell you what players were doing on any given snap, where they were lining up and what it means.

So let's take a quick spin around the league and look at some of the more interesting fantasy football stories from the PFF data pile.

Splitting carries in Buffalo's backfield

The Buffalo Bills might be floundering this season but one area in which they are faced with an embarrassment of riches is at running back, where both C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson have been making people miss for fun and racking up yardage. Due to injuries suffered by both players, they have each had a chance to carry the load and with both now healthy, the Bills are faced with the challenge of balancing the backfield between the two.