Is it time to trade Chris Johnson?

Chris Johnson had another big game Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. AP Photo/Joe Howell

Chris Johnson's 31-point performance against the Buffalo Bills this week was a cause for much celebration among those fantasy football owners who have him on their roster, but it was concurrently a cause of consternation because it brought up the possibility that he could be a great sell-high candidate.

Most sell-high candidates are labeled as such because the odds are low that they are going to continue producing at an elite pace, but Johnson's history is such that it is entirely possible he could generate high double-digit point totals on a consistent basis.

Johnson's history and initial draft-day value make it difficult to keep a level head about this situation, so this week's Fantasy Foresight article aims to put together a trade guide for those who own Johnson in fantasy leagues and for those owners who might want to make a trade offer for Johnson.

It starts by trying to establish the right value for Johnson, which centers on whether the trade is being made with short-term or long-term goals in mind.

Let's start with the short-term goals and define them as teams that are looking to maximize value over the next four weeks (or, to put it more bluntly, teams that need wins to get back into playoff contention).