Answer Guys: Mining the rookies for keepers

You have questions, we have answers. The Answer Guys is an Insider service where ESPN.com experts personally answer questions about your fantasy team. These are a few of the more challenging questions we've received from Insiders and our answers.

I am in an NFL dynasty league, so our draft consists of mostly rookies. Can you rank the rookies that were just drafted in the context of their fit with the team that drafted them and how they should fare this year and beyond? It's a 12-team league, and I pick 11th, so if you could project the top 23 rookies, I'd appreciate it.
Jason Duhon

Dave: Thanks for the question, Jason. With the 2008 NFL Draft officially in the books, now is definitely the time to start thinking about how the rookie class will affect fantasy drafts. I've ranked the following 25 rookies, including a few snippets of my expectations for this season and beyond: