Answer Guys: Don't underrate Lions' Bell

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Which running back do you expect to get the most carries in Detroit this year?

Dave: I expect Tatum Bell to get the first crack at the starting job in Detroit and eventually end up with the most carries for the Lions in 2008. I know there are some Kevin Smith supporters who might not believe that, but Bell has succeeded previously as a running back in the NFL. The circumstances are different than they were in Denver, and Bell will be given a legitimate chance to win the job. Meanwhile, new offensive coordinator Jim Colletto will bring more balance to the offense instead of the "pass-first" mentality that ex-coordinator Mike Martz had. Smith is a talented rookie running back, but the Lions aren't just going to hand over the job to him. Look for some heavy competition and a possible time-share situation in Detroit, but with Bell still getting a majority of the carries.