Answer Guys: Playoff decisions

My two starting running backs are Brandon Jacobs and Marion Barber. We all know Jacobs has been ruled out for Week 15, but it leaves a huge question mark as to whether I should start Barber or not. I have Tashard Choice on my bench as a precaution, but who do I start in the other slot? I have Kevin Faulk, who did nothing for me last week, but Ricky Williams is out there and I could always grab him. Is Williams worth a flier? This is the playoffs so I need all the help I can get. Thanks. Aaron L.

Dave: I was disappointed in Faulk's performance last week, especially considering the matchup that he had facing the Seahawks and despite the fact that he's still sharing running back duties with Sammy Morris. Most of the touches will go to Morris again this week, but I'm expecting Faulk to bounce back nicely in Week 15. The Raiders present an even easier matchup on the ground, but where Faulk will lose out for his lack of rushing attempts, he'll make up for it with his receiving skills out of the backfield. Have you looked at Faulk's combined rushing and receiving totals so far this season? Take Faulk's 846 total yards from scrimmage and add his four touchdowns, and you've got a pretty good injury replacement.