Week 3: Redskins, Browns, Dolphins' D will bounce back

It happens every year, and it still boggles my mind: Some yahoo in every draft swoops in to grab the top fantasy defense in Round 10, then struts through the rest of the day like he just scored with the girl you dated back in high school.

And you know what? More power to the guy. Seriously, good luck with that. If it works out for him, great -- but it's no skin off your back. Fact is, you've been down that road before and already know that any defense (same as that girl) is risky and borderline unstable. You can do just as well -- or better -- biding your time and playing the field.

Don't get me wrong: I'd love to have Chicago's or Pittsburgh's defense in any of my leagues right now. But I don't. And it's cool, because instead I own Baltimore and San Diego -- sweet little numbers I picked up within the last two rounds of the draft or off of the waiver wire.