Engel's 2007 Rankings: Peyton drops to No. 3

Each week, I will update my overall fantasy football player rankings for the 2007 season. These yearly ratings are overall in-season rankings of how players are currently valued. They are not weekly lineup recommendations. They serve as a handy reference tool to make trades and decisions on long-term starters.

Last week's rankings are in parentheses for each player.

1. Tom Brady, Patriots (1)

2. Tony Romo, Cowboys (3)
3. Peyton Manning, Colts (2)
4. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers (7)
5. Derek Anderson, Browns (4)
6. Carson Palmer, Bengals (5)
7. Brett Favre, Packers (8)
8. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks (6)
9. Drew Brees, Saints (9)
10. Jeff Garcia, Buccaneers (10)
11. Donovan McNabb, Eagles (12)
12. Marc Bulger, Rams (16)
13. Jon Kitna, Lions (11)
14. Jay Cutler, Broncos (14)
15. David Garrard, Jaguars (20)
16. Kurt Warner, Cardinals (24)
17. Jason Campbell, Redskins (21)
18. Matt Schaub, Texans (22)
19. Kellen Clemens, Jets (18)
20. Eli Manning, Giants (15)
21. Vince Young, Titans (23)
22. Philip Rivers, Chargers (19)
23. Joey Harrington, Falcons (NR)
24. Brian Griese, Bears (13)
25. Rex Grossman, Bears (NR)

NOTES: Peyton Manning drops out of the top two for the first time this season. Only Brady has outscored Romo, who has delivered consecutive 20-point performances. Roethlisberger is now firmly entrenched among the best quarterbacks in fantasy football. Palmer drops a bit, but he'll continue to throw often with the return of Chris Henry and the fact that the Cincinnati running game is shaky. Hasselbeck dropped only because others moved up, not because of any negative factors. McNabb had a big game against Washington, but I wouldn't expect consistent production. Bulger can move up a bit more as long as Steven Jackson stays healthy, and the quarterback continues to get adequate blocking. The erratic Kitna has dropped out of the top 12; he turned the ball over four times against Arizona. Garrard and Schaub are expected to return in Week 11. Both can be solid starters down the stretch and should rise higher soon. Campbell gets a good boost, but reliability is still an issue. Eli Manning disappointed again in a pivotal game and simply should not be used now that bye weeks are done unless you're desperate. Griese could be off the list if he loses his starting job this week, but there is no one else I would feel comfortable putting in his place right now. How about a top 23 list instead of a top 25? Well, considering Joey Harrington still makes that cut, a top 22 sounds even better.