Engel's 2007 Rankings: Brady, Moss jump up

Each week, I will update my overall fantasy football player rankings for the 2007 season. These ratings are overall in-season rankings, not weekly lineup recommendations. They serve as a handy reference tool to make trades and decisions on long-term starters. Last week's rankings are in parentheses for each player.

1. Tom Brady, Patriots (3)

2. Peyton Manning, Colts (1)
3. Carson Palmer, Bengals (2)
4. Tony Romo, Cowboys (4)
5. Jon Kitna, Lions (6)
6. Donovan McNabb, Eagles (13)
7. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks (9)
8. Marc Bulger, Rams (5)
9. Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers (7)
10. Brett Favre, Packers (16)
11. Vince Young, Titans (11)
12. David Garrard, Jaguars (17)
13. Jake Delhomme, Panthers (12)
14. Jay Cutler, Broncos (10)
15. Eli Manning, Giants (18)
16. Philip Rivers, Chargers (19)
17. Matt Schaub, Texans (14)
18. Drew Brees, Saints (8)
19. Trent Green, Dolphins (24)
20. Jason Campbell, Redskins (21)
21. Jeff Garcia, Buccaneers (20)
22. Matt Leinart, Cardinals (15)
23. Chad Pennington, Jets (NR)
24. Derek Anderson, Browns (22)
25. Joey Harrington, Falcons (NR)

NOTES: Brady is on his way to a career season, and he moves to the top of the list, where he may stay for the rest of the season. Romo's impressive performance against the Bears locks him in the spot just outside the "Big Three." McNabb rediscovered his past form on Sunday, but must work to stay in the top 6. Bulger will likely continue to drop, but I expect Roethlisberger to remain dependable and I'm keeping faith in him. Favre has cracked the top 10, but he must continue to play steadily to have any shot at moving up. Garrard has actually been more statistically reliable than I expected. Delhomme would rank several spots higher if not for his elbow problem. Eli Manning's shoulder has not proved to be a major concern, so he slides up a few spots from where he was last week. Rivers should continue to rise after his rebound performance this past week, and Schaub's current lack of weaponry prevents him from staying in the top 14. Brees has turned the clock back to 2003, which certainly is not a good thing. Green has played respectably overall. Leinart's erratic play and the re-emergence of Kurt Warner as a threat to his playing time hurts his value greatly. Pennington and Harrington played well enough last week to make the list, but their spots are certainly not secure. Pennington has a much better chance of sticking than Harrington.