Engel: Week 3 Lineup Angles

Every week, I will share my personal selections and picks in ESPN.com's mini-games, plus feature my lineups in prominent expert leagues that I am participating in this season. I'll explain the reasoning behind many of my choices, in an effort to assist you in making your own decisions, or to explain why certain picks may seem risky or unusual.

Gridiron Challenge
QB1: Carson Palmer (Value: Locked at 6.5)
QB2: Ben Roethlisberger (Locked at 5.8)
RB1: Joseph Addai (Locked at 6.1)
RB2: Adrian Peterson (MIN) (Locked at 5.2)
WR1: Marvin Harrison (Locked at 6.0)
WR2: Chad Johnson (Locked at 6.2)
TE: Benjamin Watson (4.6)
K: Jeff Reed (Locked at 4.3)
D/ST: Pittsburgh Steelers (Locked at 4.8)
Total Team Value: (49.5)

ENGEL'S ANGLES: Players who I kept from last week are locked at their current values because I kept them in my lineup. As you can see, that's all but one of them. Why mess with success? I currently lead my group with 281 points after two weeks and made only one lineup change. Vernon Davis was removed for Ben Watson, who is a threat to score again this week when he faces the Bills. Palmer will have another fine outing and should be good for at least three touchdown passes, because Seattle will not get much of a pass rush on him. There is no way the Seahawks' cornerbacks can handle both of the Cincinnati starting wide receivers, and I have the better one of the two. Houston's defense is improving, but not enough to the point where they can truly handle the Colts yet, and Addai and Harrison will stay locked in my lineup for awhile. Roethlisberger is steady and there is no reason to move him out of my lineup, and Adrian Peterson is turning out to be a great weekly value pick. Reed is an underrated and solid kicker, and the Steelers' defense faces a 49ers offense that has not lived up to expectations with their passing game so far.