Engel: Week 5 Lineup Angles

Every week, I will share my personal selections and picks for ESPN.com's minigames, plus feature my lineups for prominent expert leagues I am participating in this season. I'll explain the reasoning behind many of my choices in an effort to assist you in making your own decisions or to explain why certain picks might seem risky or unusual.


QB1: Tom Brady (Value: Locked at 7.2)
QB2: Matt Schaub (Locked at 6.0)
RB1: Marion Barber III (6.1)
RB2: Ronnie Brown (6.4)
WR1: Randy Moss (Locked at 6.8)
WR2: Larry Fitzgerald (5.5)
TE: Donald Lee (3.7)
K: Mike Nugent (3.8)
D/ST: Houston Texans (4.4)
Total Team Value: (49.9)
ENGEL'S ANGLES: Players I kept from last week are locked at their current values because I kept them in my lineup. I continue to lead my group with 522 points and a 98.6 percentage, up from 98.1 last week. Brady and Moss will stay in my lineup until further notice, obviously, since they are the best fantasy players at their respective positions right now. Barber is a touchdown machine who should get in the end zone more than once against Buffalo, and Brown has turned the corner toward real stardom. He might stay locked in as well. With Anquan Boldin still hurting and a matchup against the soft Rams defense, Fitzgerald is ready to have his biggest game of the season. Lee is a terrific bargain, no matter the matchup, and Nugent simply fits into the budget in a possibly high-scoring battle for Tri-State bragging rights. The Texans will give up some yards and a score to Brown, but they also will pressure Trent Green a lot and come up with a healthy amount of sacks and turnovers. They likely will hold the Dolphins to two scores as the defense bounces back from a disappointing performance against Atlanta.