FFL: At the Crossroads

Some players you have drafted certainly have name value attached to them, or have performed well in the past, yet could have questionable outlooks. Others have never quite lived up to expectations. These types of players can be considered risky fantasy selections, as they might have a lot to prove in 2005. Can you really depend on players who have never had a long-awaited breakthrough year, have frustrated us in the past, or have questions about their ability to match their previous performances?

There are many prominent fantasy players who are in pivotal seasons that could ultimately determine how we will judge them for the future. And it might not take long before these guys make it clear whether we can depend on them or not for the full season. For these players at a career "crossroads," it will be important for them to perform well early in the season, or we might never trust them to be reliable starters again.

Lee Suggs: He has teased us with flashes of potential, but Suggs has never played well for an extended period of time. He has been held back by an ankle problem this preseason, while William Green and Reuben Droughns have played well enough in the preseason to at least share carries with Suggs when he is healthy again. Suggs must have some outstanding performances to gain the majority of the reps at RB. Don't count on Suggs to deliver consistently good performances, though, and you should consider avoiding all of the Cleveland RBs.