Hec & Vic: AFC South

It's not always easy to get the attention of Hector and Victor. This time, we caught the busy duo as they made their way to the local movie theater in Bristol, Conn., for a rare night away from the computer for Hector and a trip into a scary, nonsmoking environment for Victor. These two had trouble deciding on a film, but they had a lot to say to us about the AFC South as they waited in line for tickets.

Question: Can Peyton Manning come close to 49 touchdown passes again?

Victor: Can the latest Star Wars movie compare to the originals? Look, this will be another fine year for Manning, and there's no apparent reason to think he can't excel again. Nothing will ever compare to Manning's 2004 season, much like nothing will match "The Empire Strikes Back." But he'll still be darn good. And he won't fall apart and need to be rebuilt, like Darth Vader. He'll remain the most powerful figure in the quarterback galaxy.