FFL: Keeper Drafting

Every Monday, we deliver a different draft strategy article to you. This week, we focus on key angles to consider in your keeper league.

When you are drafting in a keeper league, the focus is often on the future. Not only do you want to win now, but you must also consider how your team might look two or three years down the line. And with a healthy amount of players also being protected by other owners, every choice has extra pressure tied to it. No, keeper league drafts are not for the casual fantasy player. Only the well-informed owner can survive.

Much of the field of talent is already weakened before you start, as each team will keep anywhere between one and three players in many formats. In some leagues, owners might have the opportunity to keep even more than three players. Some formats require that you sacrifice the 2005 draft pick of the round you drafted your keeper selections in. For example, if you chose Julius Jones in the eighth round last season, you must forfeit your eighth-rounder this year to keep him.