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Jamey, White Plains, N.Y.: I am in a keeper league which I won last year. My keeper is either Peyton Manning or Deuce McAllister. Since I won last year I have the last pick in a 12-team league. If I keep Manning I will most likely have to choose from running backs ranked 18 and down. Who should I keep and what backs are my best bet that deep in the draft? Am I better off keeping Deuce? Should I try to trade down?

Engel: As much as McAllister has a terrific future, Manning could be the key to your team winning another title. You should keep Manning, but just make sure your first two draft picks are running backs. If the top young RBs are off the board, you might get a shot at a veteran that could carry you through at least one more season as a No. 1 RB, such as Curtis Martin or Tiki Barber. Selecting your second RB will prove to be much more challenging, and you should shoot for a player who is often productive but unspectacular, such as Warrick Dunn, or another possible veteran risk such as Fred Taylor or Jerome Bettis. Don't hesitate to take a chance on rookies such as Carnell Williams or J.J. Arrington, each of whom could make an immediate impact.