FFL: Offensive Line Outlook

When you're faced with a close decision between two quarterbacks or running
backs, certain details can help you make a good decision. You should take
more than just the pure talent of the player into account. Other factors can
make quite a difference in the performance of either player. Knowing other
players that can affect the outlook of skill position guys gives you an
additional advantage on draft day.

The best running backs can only be successful if they have good blockers
opening holes for them. Quarterbacks will only flourish if they get enough
time to throw on a fairly regular basis. Knowing which teams have the best
offensive lines can help you make better-informed decisions in your fantasy
war room.

Priest Holmes is a certain injury risk, but when he is available, there is
no better running back in fantasy football on a game-to-game basis. That's
mainly because G Brian Waters and Will Shields simply blow defenders off the
ball, and C Casey Wiegmann is at his best as a run blocker. LT Willie Roaf
still plays at a high level. If Larry Johnson needs to be plugged in again,
he'll again see a lot of running room, and Trent Green's top-five QB rating
is due much to the consistent protection he receives.