FFL: Draft Strategies

Although many fantasy football owners spend a lot of time thinking about their first pick in the draft, a solid team is not built on just one selection. You must be ready for anything in every round, and being prepared for the entire draft is a major requirement when you are looking to build a winner. So here's a round-by-round look at what you should be planning for in this year's draft.

Round One

This is the pick you've been obsessing about, but it might be one of your easiest selections. Don't target any specific player unless you have the first choice. Keep a list of your top selections, in preferred order, and take the top player on your list when it's your turn. You can never tell who is going to fall to you because you never know what the other owners are truly thinking. Outside of Peyton Manning and Randy Moss, this round will be an avalanche of the best running backs available, especially in leagues with less than 12 teams. Manning is a fine pick anywhere from No. 2 on, and Moss is a fine selection from No. 5 on. If you grab Manning or Moss, then have a listing of the top running backs available ready for the second round. You simply can't afford to come out of the first two rounds without a running back because they will fly off the board at a rapid pace. If you pick a running back with the first selection, you can enjoy some flexibility in the second round.