Sked Analysis Overrated?

Fantasy football owners are always maneuvering and jostling for an extra edge. They want to beat their opponents to the top players, and will do incessant research in hopes of gaining advantages and unearthing great value picks. That will also include trying to dissect last year's numbers and trends and applying them to this season. Such procedures might include looking at a player's 2005 schedule to further determine how his season might pan out.

When you are trying to decide between players like Corey Dillon and Jamal Lewis, you might ultimately make your pick based on who has the more difficult schedule of opponents to face. Such reasoning might lead you to select Lewis, since he faces Cincinnati, Cleveland and Green Bay and Detroit, all of which allowed more than 117 yards per game in 2004. Cleveland was last in the NFL against the run. Lewis faces the Browns and Bengals twice, to boot. Meanwhile, Dillon has to face the Jets and Buffalo twice, both of which ranked in the top six against the run in the NFL. Plus, Patriot opponents Pittsburgh and San Diego both ranked in the top three against the run.