FFL: Random Thoughts

A wise man once said that any original idea is worth expressing … and any good recycled one is worth ripping off when you're running low on material.

So I'm channeling my inner Jack Handey this week, offering my deep thoughts (sprinkled with some utterly shallow ones) regarding the topics of the day:

The argument that Peyton Manning deserves top-three draft pick consideration is a tired one. Yes, the running backs available behind LaDainian Tomlinson and Shaun Alexander are wild cards. Yes, Manning is a prolific and durable player. But his numbers last year were the result of an NFL version of the perfect storm (sans Marky Mark, thankfully). Repeat after me, people: relative value. Twelve healthy games from Priest Holmes and a quarterback who can be had in the fourth round trumps a full 16 from Manning and a fourth-round fantasy back.