FFL mailbag: July 21

Ken, Simpsonsville, S.C.: I am in a 12-team, three-player keeper league. My choices for keepers are Ronnie Brown, Jamal Lewis, Thomas Jones, Antonio Gates and Anquan Boldin. To me, Ronnie Brown is a lock. I am leaning to keeping Gates and Boldin as the other two. The question mark for me is Lewis. Last year was just awful, but the potential for a rebound is there.

Engel: Brown should be a lock, as he is apparently poised for a breakthrough season as Miami's prominent ball carrier. Boldin should remain a top receiver even if a more balanced Arizona offense means his numbers drop a bit as the team runs the ball more successfully. Lewis now has the motivation to perform better, as the team rewarded him with a three-year deal in the offseason after indications were that they might let him go after the 2005 season. The organization's perceived lack of confidence in Lewis seemed to affect his performance last year, and now with newly-acquired Mike Anderson a realistic threat to steal carries, Lewis has every reason to bounce back this year. And it's just a matter of time before Cedric Benson fully pushes Thomas Jones into a lesser role in Chicago. So Lewis is the better option of those two RBs, of course. And there is also the reality that not many top RBs will be available in a league of your size and format. So while Gates can still give you a good advantage at a weak position, Lewis could turn out to be a fine No. 2 RB for you this season, and you should take the chance. Keep Brown, Boldin and Lewis.

Keanu, Boxboro, Mass.: Almost all of the mock drafts I've seen are based on leagues that only require one starting quarterback. I am in a league which requires two starters at QB and two at RB, thus improving the value of QBs. I have the fourth pick and the "big three" are likely gone. Is Peyton Manning my best option or do I roll the dice with Clinton Portis or Tiki Barber? Can you see any other QBs sneaking into the top 10?