FFL mailbag: July 28

Thomas, Suwanee, Ga.: I think that the running back talent outside the top 13 or 14 is very shaky. I play in a 10-person league and I am considering choosing a receiver with my second pick if I can't get Domanick Davis, Ronnie Brown, or Willis McGahee. Convince me to pick up a running back by telling me who to target in the second round.

Engel: Davis might go late in the first round, and Brown could go at that point as well. In the middle of the second you can still have a shot at a top 15 RB like McGahee or Brian Westbrook, especially in a 10-team league. Those who pick in the first half of the second round will have a shot at the best No. 2 RBs available, and shouldn't pass that up. If you pick later in the round, then it makes more sense to grab a top wide receiver, since there might not be a major difference between the RB you get late in the second round and early in the third. Even though you might not get to draft Davis or Brown, you'll see a few of the better RBs leak into the middle of the second round in a 10-teamer. And every time someone picks a QB or WR ahead of you, that only improves the quality of RB you can get with your second round pick. You shouldn't target any specific players, as you never know who will fall to you for sure. But have a list of the top 15 to 20 RBs ready, and if you can pick Reggie Bush at your slot, go for it. I've seen Rudi Johnson and LaMont Jordan slip to the end of the second round in some 10-team drafts. So be ready for anything.

Jake, Washington, D.C.: I am really big on Chester Taylor this year due to the improved offensive line, coaching changes and strength of schedule for the Vikings. I'm not too concerned about the negative press he got in June. The problem is, I have the third pick in a 10-team draft. Is taking Taylor at in the second round too early? Do I have any hope of getting him at in the third?