FFL Mailbag: Aug. 25

Rebel Solomon, Lexington, Ky.: I completed my draft last weekend. I gambled late and took Jerry Porter, Greg Jones, Kevan Barlow, and Isaac Bruce in Rounds 11 through 14. I am beginning to have some serious reservations about Porter. Should I drop him now with Greg Jennings and Travis Taylor available? Or should I just stow him away and pray he gets traded?

Engel: A calf injury has held Porter back this preseason, and although there have been rumors that the Raiders have been talking about meeting his trade demands, nothing has materialized for sure. If Porter does get moved, though, or stays with Oakland, he simply has too much talent not to give him a shot at starting for your team. We'd all like to see more consistency from him, and Porter has been overrated in the past, but he still can get you decent overall numbers and will be a quality starter capable of big plays when the matchup is right. He might be statistically erratic, but I wouldn't cut him loose yet. Jennings is having a fine preseason, but he is still just a rookie. I'd try to cut someone else to add Jennings if you can. Taylor might post some decent numbers occasionally, but Porter still has more potential to make plays downfield. Keep Porter for now.

Dustin, Indianapolis: You had Daunte Culpepper over Eli Manning in your one-man mock draft. I just don't see it. Can you give me some insight as to why you would draft Daunte over Eli?